CL-900 Sampler for inhalable dust collection

Sampler for collection of Inhalable particulate and bioaerosols. Made of polypropylene. It has an average cut point of 100 µm with a flow rate of 2 l / min, the 25 mm cassette is compatible with other models of inhalable samplers.

Applications Include:
ACGIH definition of inhalable particulate matter
NIOSH Method 5700 for particulate formaldehyde
British Method MDHS 14/3 for inhalable dust in air
British Method MDHS 25/3 for organic isocyanates in air
British Method MDHS 6/3 for lead in air
Australian standard for inhalable particulate
ISO/CEN for bioaerosols (health related fractions)

Technical Information
Material: Polypropylene
Dimensions: 117 x 36 x 29 mm
Weight: 19 g