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HD31 – Handheld Portable Multifunction Data Logger

HD31 – Handheld Portable Multifunction Data Logger

Three channel multifunction data logger for probes complete with SICRAM module (intelligent and interchangeable probes with calibration data stored inside the module), both single and combined, for the measurement of a plurality of physical quantities:

• Temperature
• Relative humidity
• Atmospheric and differential pressure
• Air speed
• Illuminance (lux) and Irradiance
• Carbon dioxide (CO2) – Air Quality
• Direct voltage (VP473 module) and current (IP472 module)

Color graphic LCD display. Sampling speed one per second each channel. Records directly to SD memory card.

Functions: CLOCK, HOLD, RELATIVE, DIFFERENCE, MINIMUM, MAXIMUM, AVERAGE. Simultaneous display of three measurements. Calibration of the individual probes with permanent storage of the calibration data inside the probe: probes can be changed without losing the calibration. The instrument allows the input of various types of probe of different physical magnitudes. Display of the graph of a measured quantity in real time. Platinum probes (25, 100, 500 Ω at 0 °C), Thermocouples K, J, E, T, N, R, S, B probes, combined R.H. and temperature, pressure also barometric one, air velocity, light, mV and mA probes can be connected. Centesimal temperature measurements can be carried out by PRT sensors in the range –200…+350°C, and decimal in the range +350…+850 °C. Power supply: lithium-ion rechargeable battery (lifetime about 18 hours), external power supply SWD05 (optional, to be connected to the USB port of the instrument via the CP31 cable) or powered by the USB port (at least 500 mA) of the PC.

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