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Dosimeter POSHUK

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Multipurpose search device intended to detect and localize sources of gamma, beta, alpha and neutron radiation.

The standard delivery kit includes gamma and beta radiation detecting units. Alpha and neutron radiation detecting units can be ordered separately.

POSHUK detects soft beta radiation. The device uses Geiger-Muller counters without return run of counting response. The analog indicator of radiation intensity facilitates localization of radiation sources.

The device has the nonvolatile memory, which can store up to 4096 measurement results. The recorded measurement results can be viewed on the display and transferred to the PC through the infrared port. Each detected gamma-quantum and beta-particle is followed by audio signaling. The audio alarm will be initiated if the programmed threshold levels of gamma dose rate and beta-contamination are exceeded. Telescopic tube and display backlight will help to perform tasks under different conditions.

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