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Gamma dosimeter with GPS MKS-UM is a full-range radiation survey device in the field environment. Designed on the basis of MKS-U, which gained an excellent reputation under severe desert conditions during peacekeeping mission in the Middle East.

In addition to gamma and beta radiation the dosimeter can measure alpha radiation. There is an added possibility to archive measurement results with reference to the location coordinates with the integrated dual-system GPS / GLONASS receiver. The device uses lithium-ion memory-effect-free battery. The display indicates the statistical error of measurements. Availability of the analog indicator of radiation intensity facilitates localization of radiation sources. High protection rating IP67 and a rubber protective case allow using the device in harsh climatic conditions. It became even more comfortable to operate the device due to the reduced weight and dimension parameters.


Gamma dosimeter with GPS MKS-UM measures gamma radiation dose rate from the background to emergency levels.

The dosimeter operates under the conditions of atmospheric precipitations, dusty conditions.

Storage battery of the device is charged with the help of the built-in charger from integral solar battery, from automobile battery or from industrial network.

The device has the nonvolatile memory, and the recorded results can be viewed on the display and transferred to the PC.

Gamma dosimeter with GPS can be assembled as requested by the customer.

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