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VIRTUOSO Radiometer

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VIRTUOSO is a compact-size device for comprehensive radiological examination of food, soil, construction materials, etc. It can be used for official measurements for environmental studies, radiological control of agricultural products, in construction, mining, logging and woodworking industries, as well as for educational programs.

The device is designed to detect cesium radioisotopes and naturally occurring radioactive materials (potassium, radium, thorium), as well as to assess their specific, volume and surface activity.

Thanks to the use of the brand new technology, you can now control cesium radioisotopes and naturally occurring radioactive materials not only in specialized laboratories, but at home without help of professional radiologists! More

VIRTUOSO works with the Android-based smartphones and tablets via Bluetooth. The device is portable and practical, it does not require special users training and operates in the interactive mode.

Creating a new concept of radiation control, we have simplified the process of measurement with no loss of measurement quality, but on the contrary, we have improved and expanded measurement capabilities of the device. In contrast to the time-consuming and cumbersome traditional methods of monitoring radiation contamination, VIRTUOSO performs measurement by simply putting it to the object, or even by holding the instrument in your hands in a certain place that you want to check for contamination. Thus, the item and its packaging remain undamaged.

With VIRTUOSO you can easily check radiation purity of:

– soil

– construction materials

– mineral raw materials

– wood

– housing

– vehicles

and such food as:

– baby food

– water, milk

– meat, fish, eggs

– fresh vegetables, fruit

– grain, cereals

– dried foods

– dried herbs (tea).

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