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HD33MT.4 – data logger for weather station, 4G

HD33MT.4 most universal compact meteorological data logger series with universal 4G/3G/2G/GPRS modem.
Designed to work with power supply from a solar panel, very low power consumption; solar charger and regulator are already integrated in this logger.
Just add a solar panel and the rechargeable battery and you are independent from any further power source.
But of course it can also be powered directly from a power supply if that is more convenient.

This logger has multiple inputs/outputs:
• 4 analog independently configurable inputs
• 2 voltage-free counting contact inputs
• SDI-12 “Master” port compatible with version 1.3.
• RS485 port Modbus-RTU configurable as “Master” or “Slave”.
• Ethernet MODBUS TCP/IP (optional as HD33MT.4/E or HD33LMT.4/E).
• 2 voltage-free contact alarm outputs.

Optionally, on request, an internal atmospheric pressure sensor can be added to the logger.
As the electronic circuits for this are already integrated, this will not influence the number of free available inputs .

The modem will step down (from 4G to 3G to 2G) when a certain network is not available.
Standard supplied without display, ordering code with display HD33LMT.4

Humidity (RH), dewpoint (with sensor attached), rainfall, maximum rainfall rate, total rainfall, amount of rainfall (with tipping bucket connected), sunshine duration (with pyranometer connected).

HD33MT.4 – data logger for weather station, 4G
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