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Air Quality Business Unit is responsible for assisting Laboratories, EPA’s, Research Groups and all the interested Professional Categories, in choosing the best technological solution for the sampling and analysis of atmospheric pollutants, in both particulate and gaseous phases.

Products are projected and made in accordance with International Technical Standards and can be adapted to the most specific and customizable needs to obtain suitable ambient air samples according to different sampling programs and subsequent analysis for chemical, physical and biological characterization.

Thanks to the experience and constant research for technological innovation, TCR TECORA® offers instruments that are already known and appreciated by our customers for years (i.e. Skypost, ECHO PM, Bravo Basic, Flowcal Air..) as well as innovative instruments which are new solutions for sampling, like ECHO Emergency HV (for emergency air quality monitoring), Bravo BIO (for bioaerosol sampling), ECHO Tube (for gaseous pollutants such as formaldehyde, benzene…).

איכות סביבה בחוץ


Air Ambient Sampling

Bravo DUO

Constant Flow Sampler

Echo Emergency HV

High Volume Sampler (Battery power)

Echo Hi-Vol

Hi-Volume Sampler


Sequential Module for dust sampling

Bravo Basic

Constant Flow Sampler

Bravo X

Constant Flow Sampler


Battery \ Wireless Sampler

Echo PM

Atmospheric Particulate Matter Sampler

Skypost PM FX

Outdoor Station for Particulate Monitoring

Bravo Plus

Constant Flow Sampler

EasyGas Plus

Constant Flow Sampler

Flowcar Air

Multifunction Calibrator


Constant Flow and Isokinetic Sampler

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