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Electromagnetic Flowmeter -

1. Overview
Walsn SX Series magnetic flowmeter is ideal for highly reliable detection of conductive liquids in a wide variety of application. It uses advanced excitation technology which assures efficient measurement. Users can also benefit from flexible options without spending a lot money.

2. Operation Principle
The operating principle of the electromagnetic flowmeter is based of Faraday's Law of induction. When a conductive liquid passes through the flowmeter tube axis, the magnetic field lines are cut by the liquid. This results in induction potential, which is detected by the two electrodes installed in the tube wall perpendicular to the measuring tube axis and the magnetic field.
The induction potential is proportional to the magnetic induction, the distance between two electrodes, and the average flow rate of fluid. Since the magnetic induction and the distance between two eletrodes are constant, the signal voltage is proportional to the average flow rate.
3. Features
- Advanced Drive Technology
The current tracking drive technology ensures a homogeneous magnetic field of coil current
Self -checking assures a reliable loop of excitation

- Special Electrode Design
Passivation performance of electrode ensures zero stability
Special-shape polished electrode without pollution

- Reliable Security Protection
Explosion-proof Technology fits the flowmeter into special environments
Lightning protection power supply design

- Optional Functions
Optional communication ports
Current loops and pulse outputs

- Human Interface
User-friendly interface
Easy to set up
LCD interface - high-quality display and free from light effect

- High Efficient Interface-free Technology
Anti-interference technology can efficiently eliminate the noise of external power supply
Granular noise eliminating calculation avoids medium interference

- Self-diagnosis
Monitor the conditions of current coil of excitation and electrode signal in real time
Monitor the operating conditions of communication ports in real time

Electromagnetic Flowmeter -
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