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HD2301.0 – Handheld Thermo-Hygrometer

HD2301.0 – Handheld Thermo-Hygrometer

HD2301.0 – Handheld Thermo-Hygrometer

The HD2301.0 is a portable thermo hygrometer with a LCD display.

It measures relative humidity and temperature using combined temperature and humidity probes. Temperature only is measured by immersion, penetration, air or contact probes. The sensor can be a Pt100 or Pt1000. When the humidity/temperature combined probe is connected, the instrument calculates and displays the absolute humidity, the dew point, the partial vapour pressure.

The probes are fitted with an automatic detection module, with the factory calibration data already stored inside.

The Max, Min and Avg function calculate the maximum, minimum, and average values. Other Functions: REL, HOLD and auto power off which can be disabled.

The instruments have IP67 protection degree.
Complete with carrying case, instruction manual, 3 batteries. The combined humidity and temperature probes complete with SICRAM module HP… series have to be ordered separately. TP47…series temperature probes can be connected.

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