HE710-EX Series Handheld Thermometer Hygrometer

HE710-EX Series Handheld Thermometer Hygrometer

HUATO HE710 series Handheld thermometer hygrometer is a rapid, reliable temperature humidity instrument with high precision. It enjoys large LCD display and elegant appearance. All the HE series instruments have been calibrated by FLUKE thermocouple calibrator. Customers can have many choices according to their demands. This handheld instrument was designed for position change measurement environment development, external sensor model with standard length 1.5 meters cable, suitable for the ergonomic , battery supply power,handheld portable. The internal model also could measuring dew point, wet bulb

Large LCD with backlight display.

Connect PC through USB interface.

Handholdable. Max and Min display function.

Display temperature and humdity simultaneously in multi channel.

Wet bulb and dew ponit check.

High accurcy with reliable and stable sensors.

Manual record function,memory for 88 readings.