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A2000-EX Sound & Light Alarm Hygro-thermometer

A2000-EX Sound & Light Alarm Hygro-thermometer

Product Description
A2000 alarming thermo-hygrometer measures temperature and humidity with various levels of high precisions and sound&light alarming capability. Large LCD screen displays information such as real-time temperature and humidity, alarming, maximum or minimum recorded value, time, battery status, etc. This meter has been widely used in laboratories, factories, refrigerator, warehouse, pharmacy and households.

LCD display temperature, humidity, time and battery status.

Sound & light alarm when exceed the setting.

Calibration function by key.

Lock and unlock through the button, can prevent misoperation and protect the field data.

External sensor can be used in high temperature or high humidity environments.

Backlight can be choosen; convenient for users to view data in long distance or in a dark environment.

External buzzer is optional accessory

Desktop and wall-mounted.

CE / RoHS certification.

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