HD2001 serie – T, RH, Pressure and Air Speed Transmitters

The devices of the HD2001 series…, according to the models, measure temperature, relative humidity, barometric pressure and, for the model HD2001.2, air speed by hot-wire probes. All the models are provided with RS232C or RS485 serial output and the management of more than one device connected to a network. In addition, all the models are fitted with an open collector type low-activated configurable alarm output.
The HD2001.1 and HD2001.3 model have three configurable analog outputs: 4…20mA or 0…20mA current output, or 0…10Vdc or 2…10Vdc voltage output. The choice of output type is made by means of the jumpers set on the board.
Wind speed measurement is detected by the HD2001.2 model with a hot-wire probe set on the upper part of the instrument.
The large display with dual indication on all models allows one of the process variables on the first line and the temperature on the second line, to be displayed.

Measuring range 5 ÷ 98 % R.H.. Working temperature range of sensors: -20 + 80°C. Electronics working temperature: -5°C +60 °C. Power supply: 24 Vac or 230 Vac. Dual 3½ digits LCD.