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HE24R Wireless Temperature And Humidity Recorder

HE24R Wireless Temperature And Humidity Recorder

Product Description
HE24R temperature and humidity data logger is independently designed, developed and produced by HUATO company. It has the characteristics of LCD display, beautiful appearance, small size, low energy consumption and good consistency. The product also has the function of wireless transmission, users can monitor the temperature and humidity environment remotely through the supporting monitoring software.

Small size, delicate with simple operation and reliable performance..

Automatic sleep, Long battery life.

3.7v rechargeable lithium battery can be fully charged in four hours.

Single charge is up to 60 days of battery life (25 ℃ environment temperature, sampling interval 60 seconds, recording interval 60 seconds).

Display battery quantity, date, time, temperature value, humidity value, record state simultaneously.

Sound & Light alarm if user-defined max/min values exceed.

Wireless transmission with good penetration effect, remote monitoring of temperature and humidity environment.

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