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Walsn Oxygen Analyser

The OAM series are ideal for measuring the continuously oxygen concentration in flue gases of boilers and furnaces. The OAM-800 is the integrated stand-alone oxygen analyser in which the zirconium oxide cell is placed directly in the stream of the products of combustion. The OAM-800-R is designed for remote control. The integrated or remote analyser is reliable for oxygen measurement and features high accuracy and low maintenance.

Product Features
Accurate and reliable measurement, measurment accuracy within 1% range.
Zirconium cell diagnosis function, which is able to check Zirconium cell operation status, as well as prompt
The Zirconum cell boasts a nanoscale coating technology, and platinum welding process to ensure an air tight seal, durable working life and high measurement accuracy
Field repalcement, easy daily maintanence
Able to offer CRTube wear resistant & anti-corrosion protection services, extend the working life

Walsn Oxygen Analyser
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