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Diesel Level Sensor


The ULB3 diesel level sensor is made by using all sealing isolated diaphragm & oil-filled level sensor and special electrical circuit. This diesel level sensor is featured with high measuring accuracy, good stability, long life, and easy installation

Etc. It uses unique craft sealing structure, has good performance against leakage, and reliable operation of submerging liquid for a long time.

According to three mathematical model relations of the measured liquid's intensity, density, and level, through the diesel level sensor to measure the fluid's pressure which is proportional to fluid's depth, and transforms its signal to standard 4~20mA electric current signal ((or standard voltage signal) through its amplifying circuit.


●Measuring range:0~0.5...3mH2O.

●All metal armoring type, 316L stainless steel isolated diaphragm.

●Solid sealing, good anti-corrosive ability.

●Unique design against condensation and anti-radar.

●High accuracy, high reliability, anti jamming, good long-term stability.

Diesel Level Sensor
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