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MODBUS Level Transmitter


ULB-I MODBUS level transmitter is a fully sealed submersible intelligent level measuring instrument. Based on silicon piezoresistive technology, this product is designed for liquid level measurement by using silicon die with good stability and processing electric circuit of high accuracy smart transmitter, and using precise digital temperature compensation technology and the non-linearity revision technology. The waterproof cable with vent hose of this MODBUS level transmitter is sealed connected with its housing, it is suitable for submersible applications.

The output of ULB-I is digital signal, this makes this MODBUS level transmitter carry on transmission with computer directly.


●Data networking gathering

●Advanced circuit design

●HART protocol or MODBUS protocol(RS485 interface)

●Full stainless steel structure, samll profile, light weight

●Digital communication technology

MODBUS Level Transmitter
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