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PVDF Housing Level Sensor


ULB7 PVDF housing level sensor are made by using imported high accuracy and stability ceramics sensors, and through precise structural design and temperature compensation, signal amplified and V/I transforming. Its PVDF material housing is full sealed design.

The cable of ULB7 is put in PTFE pipe, simultaneously with breathing pipe which makes sensor's back pressure intensity connect to atmosphere pressure. ULB7 series corrosive proof level transmitters are entire solid state products with standard 4~20mA or 0~10mA signal output.

To assure ULB7 PVDF housing level sensor have long life, all outside linking parts on housing and cables have been sealed. The unique internal structure of ULB7 has function of against condensation.


◆Suitable for corrosive media measurement like strong acid or strong alkali.

◆Anti-interference, good long-term stability.

◆PVDF housing, PTFE cable.

◆Protection: IP68.

PVDF Housing Level Sensor
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