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Temperature And Level Sensor


ULB-2T temperature and level sensor is composed by high accuracy & stability pressure sensor, temperature sensor and special-propose circuit, the level and temperature of measured medium will be transformed to standard 4~20mA electrical output signals.

This level sensor has an integrated design, can measure level and temperature of one point simultaneously, is suitable for used in place where need both level measurement and temperature measurement.

The unique craft seal structure of ULB-2T temperature and level sensor makes it have good performance of preventing leak, even this product is be immersed into liquid for a long time, it still has good operation reliability.

ULB-2 is featured with high accuracy, good stability, long service life as well as easy installation etc.


◆Level & temperature measurement simtaneously.

◆Two channel 4~20mA output signals or two channel voltage signals.

◆Good ability of anti-jamming, good long term stability.

Temperature And Level Sensor
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