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DO9847 – All Measurements 3 Channel Portable Data Logger

Multifunctional handheld board instrument and data logger.

Provided with a 128×64 pixel (56×38 mm) graphic display and three independent inputs. Each input can be connected to one channel or two channel dual probes (ex. two thermocouples, relative humidity/temperature, etc.).

The instrument automatically recognizes SICRAM probes connected to the input (memory equipped and configurable intelligent probe). Functions: watch, hold, max., min., average, record, immediate or deferred start record logging, difference between the two inputs, relative measures, three input channel measurement and inside reference temperature display. Sampling time: one per second/input. Probe calibration through SICRAM module; calibration data permanent storage inside the probe. Storage capacity: 32.000 readings per input. Storage interval and printing can be configured between one second and 1 hour. RS232C serial output: from 300 up to 115.200 baud rate. Immediate or deferred print-out. Stored data can be displayed and stored data blocks can be deleted. Automatic shutout after 8 minutes can be disabled. Units of measurement can be selected according to the physical quantity of the connected probe. Firmware update through RS232C serial port. Different types of SICRAM modules or probes can be connected to the input: Platinum sensor temperature, thermocouple, relative humidity/temperature, Discomfort index, continuous voltage (20V), current (0…24mA), pressure, air speed and light.

DO9847 – All Measurements 3 Channel Portable Data Logger
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