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FLEX is a multifunctional signal integrator that provides readings of different type of sensors such as IAQ sensor *X-01, UVA and UVB sensor *X-04, Carbon Monoxide Concentration sensor *X-05, carbon dioxide concentration sensor *X-06 and Lux meter *X-08. The plug-and-play technology makes it very easy and practical to change the sensors according to your need.

*The sensors can be supplied separately

Technical Information
Display: High contrast backlit LCD screen
Operation temperature: 0 a 65 °C
Operation humidity: up to 95%
Sensors Connector cable: RJ-09
Reports in lists and graphs
Storage: up to 60 measurements (20k records)
Data logging intervals: 1 to 60s
Automatic sensor identification (plug-and-play)
Power Supply: rechargeable li-ion battery
Battery Life: 180 h
Charger: bi-volt with USB connection
USB Interface
Dimensions: 92 x 64 x 26 mm
Weight: 125 g

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