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X-04 Sensor Flex - UVA and UVB

X-04 is a sensor for assessment of UVA and UVB radiation levels. These radiations are known as non-ionizing radiations and both can cause damage to employees such as burns, photoaging and skin cancer. Using * FLEX in conjunction with X-04 allows the instantly storage of readings and automatically calculates the UVI (ultraviolet radiation index). Flex also displays the minimum, average and maximum concentrations. The instrument is compatible with the CrifferSuite software used for report and graph generation.

*Flex is supplied separately.
OBS.: It’s necessary to purchase the Flex to use it in conjunction with the probe.

Technical Information
Range: 0 to 999,99 mW/cm²
Resolution: 0,01
Operation temperature: -40 t 70 ºC
Operation humidity: 0 to 95 % RH
RJ-09 Conector
Dimensions: 20 x 47 x 81 mm
Weight: 39 g

X-04 Sensor Flex - UVA and UVB
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