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CR-1 Vibration Calibrator

CR-1 Vibration Calibrator

Calibrator for the CR-101 hand-arm accelerometer. This portable exciter has been developed for field calibration tests for HAV analyzes according to the recommendations of ISO 8041. Operating at a specific frequency of 159.2 Hz, allows compatibility with sensors of up to 150 g.

Technical Information

Operation frequency: 159,2 Hz ±0,5%
Acceleration (RMS in m/s²): 14,14m/s² ±3%
Velocity (RMS in mm/s): 10mm/s ±3%
Displacement (RMS in µm): 28µm ±4%
Transverse vibration: < 5%
Harmonic distortion: < 3%
Maximum weight supported: 150g
Operation temperature: -10 ºC to 40 ºC
Operation humidity: 85% RH
Power Supply: 4 AA batteries
Dimensions: 200 x 56 mm
Weight: 960g (including batteries)

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