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Scentroid’s SC300 Portable Olfactometer is the world’s most advanced mobile olfactometer. It allows for a full odour lab to be deployed anywhere in a matter of minutes. There is no need for dedicated lab space – Simply plug in the SC300 and start analyzing odours to all international standards. The SC300 can perform any odour test mode you require including a true 3 port triangular forced-choice as well as binary, hedonic tone, and direct presentation.

SC300 Portable Olfactometer Deployment:

Deployment only requires connecting the power cord to a standard 120/240 VAC outlet and connecting the pneumatic hose between the air supply sub-system and the control subsystem. The air sub-system provides clean air regardless of ambient air through its incorporated oil-free pump, HEPA filter, carbon filter, no-maintenance membrane air dryer, and regulator. The test administrator can then view live results, analyze data, and control the test using the dedicated admin. station with the included Siemens 8” touch screen.

Scentroid Mobile Air Supplier:

The Scentroid Mobile Air Supply is designed to provide compressed air supply for a variety of Scentroid products out in the field. This is ideal due to the fact that it produces no oil in the airflow, and therefore can be used as an independent air supply when the oil in the airflow is often an issue. The compressed air from the tank is monitored from the pressure meter, and if it rises more to 8 bar (approximately 116 psi) the tank will automatically cut-off the pressure control switch. When the pressure inside the tank lowers to 6 bar (approximately 87 psi) then the power is turned back on.

SC300 Portable Olfactometer Compressed Air System:

The compressed air is passed through a cooling system to prevent overheating after prolonged use. Fans are used on either side of the container to ensure air is passing through, allowing the air supply to work while the lid is closed. A final gauge is used to regulate the air flow being used and is ideally set at 80 psi. The final step is to attach the product to the outlet and turn on the main switch.

Use the SC300 Portable Olfactometer to:

Conduct on-site odour measurements
Determine odour concentration in OU / m3, as per the recognized EN13725 standard
Conduct a hedonic tone (pleasant to unpleasant) assessments of odour emissions
Conduct panellist training and N. Butanol screening
Determine odour concentration in accordance with recognized Chinese and Japanese standards (GB/T14675-93)
Employ binary, triangular, yes/no, and direct presentation methods
conduct odour assessments from petrochemical, oil refineries, and agricultural sources due to unparalleled contamination control technology

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