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Overview of SS600 Odor Laboratory:

Scentroid SS600 Odor Laboratory is the world’s most advanced stationary, dynamic, and fully automated olfactometer. It is capable of odor / odour measurement and analysis to all international olfactometry standards. To reduce testing time and ensure maximum lab efficiency the SS600 Odor Laboratory features 6 identical panellist stations for simultaneous odor / odour analysis. Each station is equipped with a Siemens touch screen for flexibility and ease of operation. Three (3) stainless steel sniffing ports at each station allow for true triangular odor / odour analysis.

The Siemens industrial control panel monitors and adjusts test parameters automatically to ensure optimal test conditions. Test results are instantaneously processed and displayed live to the test administrator on the dedicated 8″ touch-screen interface.

Use the SS600 Odor Laboratory to:

Determine odour concentration in OU/m3 as per EN13725 standard
Conduct hedonic tone assessments of odour emissions
Conduct panellist training and N-Butanol screening
Determine odour concentration in accordance with Chinese and Japanese standards (GB/T14675-93)
Employ Binary, Triangular, Yes/No, and direct presentation methods
Only olfactometer capable of odour assessment from petrochemical, oil, refineries and agricultural sources due to the unparalleled contamination control technologies employed
Basics of Operation:
Deployment only requires connecting the power cord to a standard 120/240 VAC outlet and connecting the pneumatic hose between the air subsystem and the control subsystem.

1. Select the desired test mode
2. Select the panellist from the database or scan their badge bar code
3. Scan the bar code of the sample ID or enter it manually
4. Select start
5. SS600 will automatically go through a comprehensive purging and stabilization routine
6. All panellist data is automatically processed in real-time, and the odour concentration is provided to the administrator at the end of the test

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