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Clamp Sanitary Pressure Senosr

Clamp Sanitary Pressure Senosr


UPX20S clamp sanitary pressure sensor is manufactured from piezoresistive silicon dies. It is features a fully welded construction with a complete flush diaphragm contact the pressure medium, able to measure pressure of viscous liquids or fluids. The measured pressure is transmitted to the piezoresistive silicon sensing element through 316L isolated diaphragm and inner medium, thus to realize the precise transformation of electrical signal from pressure.

The flush diaphragm of this clamp sanitary pressure sensor is welded in the front of the sensor body, it can be 2"clamp type connection with the heat sink and can be used in the higher media temperature with good quality.


◆Good performance, entire solid state, high reliability;

◆Operating temperature range:-40~150℃;

◆Imported pressure silicon dies;

◆This clamp sanitary pressure sensor has high accuracy and quality

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