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Digital Manometer

Digital Manometer


UIY6 digital manometer is made with entire electronic structure, and uses battery as power supply. It is easy for field installation. UIY6 digital manometer is using high accuracy piezoresistive pressure sensors, which is located in the front end of UIY6. The output signal of the pressure sensor is processed and amplified by high accuracy and low temperature coefficient amplifier, and then transferred to A/D switch to transform digital signal which can be processed by microprocessor. After processing operation, the pressure gauge will demonstrates the actual value of the pressure by LCD indicator.

The use of UIY6 digital manometer is obviously flexible, and its operation is very simple.


※ LCD display, high resolution, without apparent value error.

※ Peak value recording function, record the max. pressure value during measuring process.

※ Pressure percentage dynamic demonstration (progress strip demonstration).

※ Selectable ranges: MPa, psi, bar, kPa, kg/cm2.

※ Micro power loss function, can work above 2 years in the electricity saving pattern.

※ Backlight display for easy reading.

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