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Stainless Steel Pressure Sensor

Stainless Steel Pressure Sensor


UPX22 stainless steel pressure sensor is constructed by welding general pressure sensor UPX19 into

Pressure port with standard or specific thread. This structure avoids the hidden trouble or incompetability caused to O-ring in bad conditions. The sensor back end (electrical side) is suppled with M25*1 male thread, it will be easy for use to make transmitter with this design.

UPX22 stainless steel pressure sensor is full-welded and can be customized as special requests.


◇All-welded structure, suitable for measuring many kinds of media;

◇Full stainless steel 316L material;

◇Measuring ranges:-1...0 0.2bar…1000bar;

◇Excitation: constant current, or constant voltage;

◇Pressure type: gauge pressure, absolute pressure and sealed gauge pressure.

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