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The T6440 temperature, relative humidity and CO2 sensor is designed to measure the carbon dioxide concentration, temperature and relative humidity of the air in outdoor usage.

Method of CO2 sensor multipoint calibration leads to an excellent accuracy measurements of CO2 in the entire of operating temperature range. With this sensor is the device able to meet the demanding requirements for outdoor use. The measurement principle is based on the NDIR principle with dual wavelength, which automatically compensates for aging of the sensor. The sensor is resistant against the pollution and provides maintenance-free operation and excellent long-term stability.

Measured temperature and relative humidity values are also converted to other humidity interpretation - dew point temperature, absolute humidity, specific humidity, mixing ratio or specific enthalpy. Degrees Celsius and Fahrenheit are user selectable.

Transmitter contains a microprocessor based control circuitry in a durable plastic case with connection terminals and temperature an relative humidity sensors in a filter with stainless steel mesh. The CO2 concentration sensor is built inside the case.

Large dual line LCD is an advantage. Display is possible to switch off. Computerized design ensures maximum long term stability and failure indication.

State-of-the-art capacitive polymer sensor ensures excellent calibration long term stability, inertia against water and condensation. Transmitter is designed for use in non-aggressive environment.

Transmitter circuitry is galvanically isolated from power circuitry to prevent collision in RS485 network.

Serial output RS485 - transmitter works with ModBus RTU communication protocol or with Advantech ADAM compatible protocol. Protocol is user selectable in special configuration mode by means of the PC. Serial link enables to read actual readings and modify transmitter configuration. Instrument works always in slave mode, i.e. responds only to master device query. Transmitters have the address space available from 1 to 255. Communication speed is 110 to 115200Bd. 

Included in delivery:

  • Traceable calibration certificate
  • Quick start manual

Transmitter is also equipped with an alarm LED:

  • LED shines green - CO2 concentration 0 to 1000 ppm
  • LED shines yellow - CO2 concentration 1001 to 1200 ppm
  • LED shines red - CO2 concentration 1201 ppm and more

Accessories find here


Sensor typeT6440
Measured ValuesCO2 + Temperature + Relative Humidity
Temperature Measuring Range-30 °C to 60 °C
LCD displayYES
Range of CO2 concentration measurement0 to 2000 ppm
Accuracy of CO2 concentration measurement±(50 ppm +2 % from reading) at 25 °C and 1013 hPa
Optional range of CO2 concentration measurement0 to 10000 ppm ±(100 ppm +5 % from reading) at 25 °C and 1013 hPa
Relative humidity range0 to 100 %
Accuracy of relative humidity measurement±2.5 % relative humidity from 5 to 95 % at 23 °C
Accuracy of temperature output±0.4 °C
Available temperature unitsdegrees Celsius, Fahrenheit
Accuracy and range of dew point temperature output±1.5 °C at ambient temperature T<25 °C and RH>30 %
range -60 to +80 °C
Accuracy and range of absolute humidity output±1.5 g/m3 at ambient temperature T < 25 °C
range 0 to 400 g/m3
Accuracy and range of specific humidity output±2 g/kg at ambient temperature T < 35 °C
range 0 to 550 g/kg
Accuracy and range of mixing ratio output±2 g/kg at ambient temperature T < 35 °C
range 0 to 995 g/kg
Accuracy and range of specific enthalpy output±3 kJ/kg at ambient temperature T < 25 °C
range: 0 to 995 kJ/kg
Measuring interval of CO215 s
Temperature operating range-30 °C to 60°C
Communication protocolModBus RTU, ARION and Advantech ADAM compatible protocol
Communication speed110 to 115200 Bd
Filtering ability of sensor cover0.025 mm - filter with stainless steel mesh
Ingress protection of the case with electronicsIP 30 electronics, IP 40 sensors
Power supply9 to 30Vdc, power consumption approximately 1W
Dimensions88.5 x 170 x 39.5 mm (W x H x D), stem length 75 mm
Weightapproximately 150g

Note: Manufacturer reserves the right to make changes in design and technical characteristics of the products. For actual information, please always contact your dealer.

Temperature, relative humidity and CO2 sensors with RS485 output and display

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