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W10019 is a wireless, battery powered temperature and humidity sensor. Native modbus map grants seamless integration into the DDC/SCADA system. The communication is based on the encrypted Midam KFP protocol, which allows to update the device firmware on a wireless basis. IP65 protection level ensures reliable function of the sensor even in harsh environment. 


  • HVAC control
  • Measurement of temperature and humidity
  • Wireless integration into SCADA control systems


The wireless temperature/humidity sensor W10019 measures temperature and relative humidity in non-aggressive environments using the probe situated outside the device body. The values are transmitted through the 868 MHz unlicensed band to the WCOM51 gateway. The device has factory-set values to ensure the correct default function and allows direct reading and writing of values to the Modbus map, which is available in a separate document. All settings are also stored in the Modbus map directly in the device. Before using the device for the first time, it is necessary to pair it and it is recommended to perform individual
configuration, especially to enter the encryption password.

Modbus protocol for W10019 for downloading HERE.

SCADA system integration

The controller can be integrated into DDC or SCADA systems directly via the WCOM51 wireless gateway.


To pair your own sensors with the WCOM51 GSM gateway, the freely downloadable KFP-Lite softwareis available, which communicates with the gateway using the WUSB01 wireless USB configurator. Both devices must be powered and placed in close proximity to each other. Using the search function in the software interface, you can view a list of all available devices in range and assign or modify parameters based on the wireless identification code for each individual device.

Using KFP-Lite, it is possible to change the communication frequency (default value 868.95 MHz).




Remove the front cover lid of the sensor. Use wide flat screw driver or appropriate plastic tool which fits into slots between the cover and body of the sensor. Remove old batteries from the bracket and place new batteries. Observe the battery type and polarity. Always replace both bateries with fresh ones. Then put the sensor cover back and press both parts of the sensor tight to ensure the IP protection again.



Sensor typeW10019
Power supply 3V, 2x main alkaline battery 1.5V, type AA
Consumption idle: <2 uA, avg. typical: 5 uA, max.: 25 mA 
Battery lifeup to 5 years - batteries are not supplied with the device
Communication868,950 MHz, 100 kbps, KFP
868,300 MHz, 32 kbps, KFP
868,100 MHz, 100 kbps, KFP
869,525 MHz, 100 kbps, KFP 
Protocol KFP (dual stack) 
Encryption AES 128 PCBC, EN 13757-4 
RF power +13 to - 20 dBm, step 5 dB 
Antenna SMA female connector for external antenna 
Communication range 1000 m in free space, 300 m in buildings 
Mechanical and dimensions 154x33x63 mm (incl. antenna and measurement probe)
polyamide enclosure, IP 65 in accordance with EN 60529, as amended 
1 x clamp switch (INIT mode)  
Temperature measurement range-20 to 55 °C, ± 0,5 °C
Humidity measuring range10 to 90 % rH, ±3% rH
Ambient conditions-20 to 55 °C, 5 % to 95 % rH, (non condesated), atmospheric pressure 70 to 107 kPa 

Note: Manufacturer reserves the right to make changes in design and technical characteristics of the products. For actual information, please always contact your dealer.

W10019 - Wireless temperature and humidity sensor

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