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Static Hood Sampler Overview:

The Scentroid Static Hood sampler provides an easy to use and contaminate-free solution for taking air samples from bio-filter beds and other surfaces that have positive airflow. The all stainless steel construction ensures easy decontamination. The stack disassembles for ease of transportation.

Static Hood Sampler Available as SH25, SH50, and SH75:

Features three (3) separate static hood sizes for varying applications
The 0.5m^2 has been designed for EPA guidelines – the stainless steel construction makes for a rapid and deep sample analysis
The 0.25m^2 model is smaller and more portable to be used with the SM100 to assess bio-filter efficiency and health
the SM100 can be connected directly to the sample port of the Scentroid Static Hood for direct measurement
Easy to use:

Place the static hood on a surface and firmly press down
wait for the sample to fill the hood three times
Acquire the sample at half the rate of emissions

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