Oxidization Purger Overview:

The Scentroid SP50 Oxidisation Purger is a revolutionary device designed to provide effective and reliable cleaning solutions for olfactometers, sample bags, PTFE lines, and other equipment that may be contaminated by odours. The SP50 provides a mixture of clean air with oxidisation gases such as ozone and hydroxyl to effectively decontaminate sampling tedlar or teflon bags, sampling probes, or sampling lines. The mixture is injected, with the desired concentration to allow high levels of decontamination either, remaining contaminants, bacteria or fungus.

The SP50 has been built with safety in mind, the purger has a built in-carbon filter that scrubs and cleans the contaminated air coming from the equipment that is being cleaned such as bags or probes before it is released into the laboratory.

Benefits of Oxidization:

Oxidisation is a powerful tool for decontamination. Ozone has demonstrated its decontamination capabilities vs. formaldehyde for bio clean rooms, and high neutralizing effects for several pollutants.

Oxidization Purger Basics of Operation:

Mode 1: Continuous Ozone Injection: Used when the user wants a deeper cleaning of sample bags or probes

The operator sets the ozone concentration levels
The unit provides continuous ozone cleaned air for better decontamination

Mode 2: User Ozone Injection: Used to quickly clean reusable sample bags or probes

The operator sets the ozone concentration levels
The unit injects clean air in continuous mode and ozone with the user presses the “inject ozone” button