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Wind Tunnel Sampler Overview:

The Scentroid SW60 is the next generation of wind tunnel samplers (AKA ventilated sampling hoods), used for sampling on solid or liquid surfaces with passive odour emissions in accordance with both EN13725 and VDI3880. SW60 wind tunnel sampler offers a number of unique features that make it the most accurate and user-friendly area source sampler in the world.

Scentroid’s wind tunnel sampler is made of state-of-the-art PTFE coated aluminum composite material that is both extremely rigid and ultra-light. The wind tunnel only weighs 10 kg resulting in it being very easy to handle by a single technician. Despite being extremely light, the composite material makes the SW60 Wind Tunnel Sampler tough enough to withstand the toughest working conditions.

Continuous Air Speed Monitoring with the Wind Tunnel Sampler:

Scentroid SW60 wind tunnel sampler has a built-in anemometer, which remotely monitors the exact wind speed within the tunnel. Data is logged and shown on any mobile tablet or phone. This not only significantly increases the accuracy of odour sampling, but also provides a means of setting the airspeed to the exact desired value.

SW60 Wind Tunnel Sampler Operational Guide:

Connect the air supply to the wind tunnel
Connect wind tunnel to a tablet for airspeed measurements
Connect the vacuum chamber to the sample port
Adjust airspeed to the desired value
Acquire sample using the vacuum chamber

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