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Vacuum Chamber Sampler Overview:

Our Scentroid vacuum Chamber are easy to use, portable, and cost-effective air sample collection devices. Vacuum chambers are used to pull samples directly without dilution from stack, ambient air, or other sampling devices such as flux chambers or wind tunnels. The Scentroid vacuum chamber air sampler is available in multiple sizes to fit bags of up to 20L, 25L, and even 50L. Use the Scentroid vacuum chamber for soil gas sampling, groundwater testing, stack sampling, hazmat testing, and U.S. EPA Methods 18, 0040, and ventilation studies. Scentroid vacuum chamber and the bag sampling box are designed for Scentroid PTFE sample bags.

The Vacuum Chamber Sampler (bag sampling chamber) uses a built-in miniature pump to create a vacuum of more than 18” HG inside the sample box. The 12V rechargeable battery is capable of sustaining more than 75 samples with a single charge and can be recharged using a 110/220V outlet or a 12V car outlet.

Vacuum Chamber Sampler Purging Function:

The purge function creates pressure within the sampling chamber, forcing all the air inside the sample bag through the sample line. This function makes purging, priming, and conditioning an easy, one-step process!

Vacuum Chamber Sampler Applications:

Acquire a sample from ambient air
Acquire a sample from flux chamber
Acquire a sample from the static hood
Acquire a sample from wind tunnel
Acquire a sample from another source that will not create condensation within the sample bag
Vacuum Chamber Sampler Operation Basics

Open the vacuum chamber
Connect sample bag to the PTFE tube inside the chamber
Close the chamber and connect the external sample line to the sample collection device, or leave off to sample ambient air
Switch to sample function to draw in the sample air
Stop when the sample is half full and switch to purge routine to exhaust all lines
Switch to sample function again and fill the bag with sample air
Turn unit off and open the case
Close sample bag valve and remove it from the vacuum chamber sampler

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