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גלאי גז מתאן אינפרא אדום

גלאי גז מתאן אינפרא אדום
גלאי גז מתאן אינפרא אדום

CJH series infrared methane transmitter adopts international advanced NDIR non-dispersed infrared technique, it is mainly used in coal mine, natural gas, CBM (Coal bed methane), rubbish filling, sewage treatment, anaerobic fermentation and other fields for CH4 gas leakage detection and high concentration CH4 measurement.

• Proprietary infrared gas analysis technology, with high accuracy, high resolution, long life and easy maintenance.
• High and low alarm settings, two levels of audio and light alarms.
• Automatic zero calibration with air.
• Diffusion-type sampling methods.
• Fast response and Immune from poisoning.
• Real-time displaying gas concentration with LED.
• Audible alarm device to prevent accidents and ensure the safety of life.
• Metal case for industrial online monitor.

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