T-711 Series Conductivity Meter

Main Features:
●7 inch color high resolution (1024*600) capacitive touch screen, high sensitivity, complete parameter display, intuitive, easy to use and simple.
●Automatic calibration and temperature compensation, data storage, USB output, clock display, wireless print, function setting and self-diagnose etc.
●Built-in bilingual operating system in Chinese and English, humanized operation design, instrument brightness and resolution selection.
●Built-in storage can store 1000 sets of measurement data, data can be stored and transferred to USB and opened by Excel, more convenient for customers to edit.
●Recognize automatically 8 kinds of conductivity standard solution. User can choose any one from two series of solutions: USA series and China series
●With standard Bluetooth module and support wireless printing to make operations more convenient for users. Optional PC software and cell phone APP.
●Adopt advanced conductivity measurement technology, one point calibration of conductivity electrode can meet the measuring accuracy requirements for test 0.5μS/cm ~ 200mS/cm.
●Able to switch between conductivity, TDS, salinity and resistivity. Multinomial calculation for TDS and salinity to ensure the conversion precision of the full scale.
●Automatic temperature compensation conductivity electrode and the measurement result is fast and precise.
●Can intelligently judge the electrode status to ensure that the test result is accurate.
●Dustproof and waterproof meter meets IP54 standards.